Retro-Tour Paris – RETRO-TOUR

Retro Tour Paris

Our Gentlemen Sider, real Parisians in love with their city,
will make you discover the history and the secrets of Paris through atypical anecdotes.

Discover Paris differently

Paris is full of wonders known all over the world, and yet… there are still unknown treasures and unusual places in Paris that show, by their mystery or their singularity, another Paris, the “hidden face of Paris City". Travelling alone or in pair, on board our sidecars and enjoy the charm of the capital. Our Gentlemen Sider will share with you the art of Parisian live style.

The retro Tour Paris History

Take three motorcycle enthusiasts and vintage look who join together to share their love of the Parisian lifestyle, you get the Team RETRO TOUR Paris.

Our idea was born from an obvious fact, Paris is our treasure and we wish to make you discover it in a different way, beyond the conventional and overexploited tourist networks. As globe-trotters and experienced travelers, we want to offer our tourists the best of our world famous city. We are lovers of history, of Parisian life, of its codes and of its good addresses. Authenticity, sharing and conviviality are the values we want to transmit. Come aboard, follow your Gentlemen Siders and live the RETRO TOUR experience.

Retro Tour Paris

Our side-car

Ural RETRO sidecar model

Inspired by the original Soviet M72 and its most recent incarnation, these 2014 bikes are just as robust, simple and beautiful as their forebears but have all the modern features modern riding demands: disc brakes and modern suspension all without losing those RETRO looks.

Retro Tour Paris

Our Equipment


You will be equipped with a vintage helmet Mârkö. Some helmet net are also at your disposal.


For sunny days, sunglasses are recommended!

WINTER (Oct-Fév.)

We recommend you to wrap up warm for the tour. However, we provide jackets. Also a warm blanket will be at your disposal in the sidecar for a maximum comfort.


When it does rain in Paris, it is often merely a light rain that seldom hampers a tour. We provide ponchos and gloves. The sidecar passenger has a windscreen and a waterproof cover.

Our drivers

Our Gentlemen Sider, real locals in love with their city, will make you discover the history and the secrets of their town through atypical anecdotes.

Embark with them to explore secret places, unknown to tourists and get off the beaten track. Enjoy this unique experience by immersing yourself in the heart of local life. All our Gentlemen will be delighted to share with you their anecdotes, good tips and knowledge.

Remi, pilote chez Retro Tour
Charlie, pilote chez Retro Tour
Julien, pilote chez Retro Tour