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Retro Tour Normandy

Get ready for a unique adventure!

Discover Normandy differently

Whether you are a history buff, dreaming of discovering the secrets of the D-Day landing beaches, or a travel lover wishing to appreciate the wonders of the flower coast, our sidecars will transport you to the heart of the treasures of Normandy. Our Gentlemen Sider, pilots in love with their region, will help you discover places as picturesque as they are grandiose, between sea and countryside, and will find the trip made to amaze you!

The retro Tour Normandy History

Behind Retro Tour Normandy, you will find Thomas, a man in love with its adoptive region.

Normandy, whose history is more than a thousand years old long, offers a wonderful time scale with its landscapes and architecture. From the first Viking invasions to the landing day during the Second World War, there are many centuries to look at, one at a time, town by town. It has been more than three years now that Thomas has settled in Calvados and offered for tourists and local people to discover these out of time landscapes aboard sidecars. Far from the usual visits, he was eager to show Normandy's heritage which was now his. With his team of pilots, he offers you now to discover Normandy according to your desires and bring back home a piece of Normandy's heritage.

Retro Tour Normandy

Our side-car

Ural RETRO sidecar model

Inspired by the original Soviet M72 and its most recent incarnation, these 2014 bikes are just as robust, simple and beautiful as their forebears but have all the modern features modern riding demands: disc brakes and modern suspension all without losing those RETRO looks.

Retro Tour Normandy

Our Equipment


You will be equipped with a “Jet Tricolore” helmet from Mârkö. (helmet nets are at your disposal)


Don’t forget your sunglasses to fully enjoy your ride in our sidecars

and have a great look on your pictures !!

Winter (Oct-Feb)

Jackets, gloves and blanket will be at your disposal for your comfort.


When it rains in Normandy it never lasts very long.

However, we have suitable rain gear and the basket passenger is protected by a windscreen and a waterproof skirt.

Our drivers

Our Gentlemen Sider, real locals in love with their city, will make you discover the history and the secrets of their town through atypical anecdotes.

Embark with them to explore secret places, unknown to tourists and get off the beaten track. Enjoy this unique experience by immersing yourself in the heart of local life. All our Gentlemen will be delighted to share with you their anecdotes, good tips and knowledge.

Thomas, pilote chez Retro Tour
REMI, pilote chez Retro Tour