Retro Tour Las Vegas – RETRO-TOUR

Retro Tour Las Vegas

Live an authentic, once in a lifetime experience in Las Vegas and the Valley onboard a vintage Sidecar

Discover or Rediscover Las Vegas and beyond on an authentic vintage Sidecar Motorcycle with a local guide

Live an authentic, once in a lifetime experience in Las Vegas and the Valley onboard a vintage Sidecar. Our Local Guide in love with the “city of sin” will uncover hidden gems with picturesque and stunning places for memories that will last a lifetime.

The retro Tour Las Vegas History

Our spirit entails a combination of French vintage men’s style with the rugged determination of an American biker-a symbol of the American life.

Retro Tour Las Vegas was founded in the summer of 2022, although the story began long ago when the founders from Paris met a client from Denver Colorado who loved their idea of combining a vintage sidecar with a vintage styled local guide. With most of our clients in France being tourists from the USA, it only made sense to bring the concept to the American soil. And what better city than the worldwide capital of entertainment-Las Vegas to begin our American adventure! Despite the unforeseen challenges and the associated costs in opening our business overseas during the pandemic, our resilience and the success back home in France has led us to believe in sharing the unique and unforgettable experience in the city that never sleeps.

Retro Tour Las Vegas

Our side-car

Sidecar Model

Inspired by the original Soviet M72 and its most recent incarnation, these 2020 bikes are just as robust, simple and beautiful as their forebears but have all the modern features modern riding demands: disc brakes and modern suspension all without losing those RETRO looks.

Retro Tour Las Vegas

Our Equipment


You Will be Equipped with a vintage sanitized helmet at your size

Disposable mobcaps are also available on requests


Cooling Jacket can be provided


Vintage gloves are available on requests


Sunglasses are highly recommended

Sunscreen is provided in case you forgot to carry one


Fresh Drinks

Complimentary fresh soft drinks are included to help you stay hydrated in hot weather

Our drivers

Our Gentlemen Sider, real locals in love with their city, will make you discover the history and the secrets of their town through atypical anecdotes.

Embark with them to explore secret places, unknown to tourists and get off the beaten track. Enjoy this unique experience by immersing yourself in the heart of local life. All our Gentlemen will be delighted to share with you their anecdotes, good tips and knowledge.

Spin, pilote chez Retro Tour
Kyle, pilote chez Retro Tour
Brian, pilote chez Retro Tour
Dylan, pilote chez Retro Tour
Frederick, pilote chez Retro Tour