Our riders


Our Gentlemen Siders are real Parisians, lovers of their city and keen to share that passion with you. But also the less well-known Paris, rarely seen by visitors – the secret Paris. Make the most of these fine fellows and share in their passion, knowledge and experience of the Parisian lifestyle.

All of our sidecarists have followed a course on Parisian history as well as their own rich knowledge to give you the very best of the city.
They are courteous, cultivated, faultlessly turned-out and excellent riders. They all hold a professional driver’s licence certified by the state.


Remi | 38 | Paris

Nickname: the Stylist
The Parisian par excellence, on the cutting edge of style and threads, climb aboard with him to see the best of Parisian fashion. Second-hand shops, haute couture, outlet shops… We owe him our famous retro attire.
Favourite district: Le Sentier
Rémi speaks French and English

Charlie | 38 | Paris

Nickname: the Diplomat
An epicurean, Charlie is the archetypal Parisian bachelor, always up to date on the best spots to go out for the night or just a glass. You can always rely on him to have a good time.
Favourite district: the Marais, the III.
Charlie speaks French, English and Spanish

Julien | 40 | Paris

Nickname: the Magician
A globe-trotter, he’s travelled over much of the world to conclude that Paris is indeed the world’s finest city. Julien has a bottomless passion for his native city, as well as the local football club! He’ll show you his town and perhaps a magic trick or two!
Favourite district: Abbesses – Montmartre
Julien speaks French, English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Our history


We are three fellows passionate about vintage motorcycles, lovers of the lifestyle of Paris, we are Team Retro Tours Paris.
Our idea was always staring us in the face: Paris is our treasure and we love sharing that treasure with people, from the great sites to the little-known corners, full of charm and real Parisian life.
Paris is a world-class city and we are all seasoned travellers and keen to share our passion with our guests.
We are lovers of her history, her way of life and her often, but poorly, copied ways. We are the stewards of the authentic Parisian experience. Humour, conviviality and sharing are our credo.
Climb aboard, follow your Gentlemen Sidecarists and live the experience.