Our riders


Passionate about the renaissance, our Gentlemen siders will tell you the best secrets at the castle…


Remi | 38 | Paris

Nickname: the Stylist
The Parisian par excellence, on the cutting edge of style and threads, climb aboard with him to see the best of Parisian fashion. Second-hand shops, haute couture, outlet shops… We owe him our famous retro attire.
Favourite district: Le Sentier
Rémi speaks French and English

Charlie | 38 | Paris

Nickname: the Diplomat
An epicurean, Charlie is the archetypal Parisian bachelor, always up to date on the best spots to go out for the night or just a glass. You can always rely on him to have a good time.
Favourite district: the Marais, the III.
Charlie speaks French, English and Spanish

Julien | 40 | Paris

Nickname: the Magician
A globe-trotter, he’s travelled over much of the world to conclude that Paris is indeed the world’s finest city. Julien has a bottomless passion for his native city, as well as the local football club! He’ll show you his town and perhaps a magic trick or two!
Favourite district: Abbesses – Montmartre
Julien speaks French, English, Portuguese and Spanish.